Watch The River

Tune in to the webcast LIVE on USTREAM TV, Sundays at 10:30am (12:30pm EST) and Thursdays at 6:30pm PST (8:30pm EST). If we are not live, the player will show the most recent webcast.

For Live and Archived Webcasts please click the USTREAM icon below:

Here is a playlist of recent videos from The River…

[Note: the quality is not high definition because the video is from a live stream]


3 responses

  1. Yes the devil sure likes to replay the past and pre-play the future. But God has a timing for everything that takes place in our lives. There is a time that God moves on our behalf. He is always on time! Thank you.

      • In a couple of years when I am fully trained in Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired, I hope to offer closed captioning of your services online, remotely via the internet, God willing. Hope you’re doing well this month.

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