God’s Love At Work…

Yesterday before church a homeless man was wandering by the church. My wife saw him and offered him some coffee and a donut.  He gladly accepted. She came and got me and I went out and talked to him about Jesus.  I encouraged him to come into the service which was starting in 10 minutes.  He agreed to.  Near the end of worship, I went up and grabbed the mic and exhorted for a couple minutes about he who has been forgiven much loves much. We then did the last song again and worshiped for about 5 more minutes.  The Spirit of God was so strong it was like a blast of wind. I felt to give an altar call for salvation. The homeless man, sitting on the back pew lifted his hand and I went back to him and prayed with him.  He accepted Christ as Savior as tears flowed down his cheeks.  We had a cookout after church and he stayed around the whole time getting to know people.  I arranged some follow-up with him as he left.

Today, I received a text from a church member and she said that her sister had coincidentally met the man at the park later that afternoon.  He was telling her how he used to have a job and a family but that drugs had ruined his life and left him homeless.  But he told her that he had gone to a church called The River that morning and believed that his life had been changed.  The sister told him, I think my mom and sister go to that church and she described them.  He had sat right next to her mom and sister during the service.  This woman is unsaved and her family has been praying for her to be saved and come to church, and God used this homeless man to plant the seeds of the gospel into her life.

When God begins to work, He does some amazing things that could never be orchestrated by man.  Please pray for Rick, who was saved, and Kelly, who needs to be saved, that God would continue to work in their lives and that The River would be able to help them, both spiritually and physically.  This morning in prayer at the church, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that in the near future we would be having services every night because of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the move of God.  I am tired of reading about it happening in other places and I am ready for revival here, at The River.


God knows how to meet needs

Yesterday I spoke with a man who needed assistance for his family, due to a run of unfortunate circumstances.  In addition to other help, his family needed food.  Our pantry was getting slim so I put out a request for more food and was on the way to the church last night to meet someone who was bringing several boxes of food.  As I was driving, I received a call from a man who also asked if we could help with with some food.  He was only about 5 minutes from the church.  God knew that someone had just pulled up to the church with several boxes of food and had this man call at the exact same time in order to meet his need.

God loves people and wants to help them and meet their needs.  This morning, we were able to help the original family that called and someone pulled up to the church at the same time he was there with bags and bags of more food!  I was able to pray with and minister to both of these individuals.  In both cases, they each said that other churches refused to help them unless they were a member of their church.  Jesus said that when we help the least, that we do it unto Him and that when we refuse to help them, it is Jesus that we are rejecting.


In His Name Outreach – Aug. 13

Monday morning Zachary and I had the privilege to serve in the outreach ministry and had the opportunity to sow many seeds of God’s love.

Today at The River…

We held our Wednesday outreach this afternoon… and it was HOT! 109 degrees to be exact.  Cristina made some really nice labels for our water bottles.  Thanks to Herb for coming out and helping today, as we were a little short-handed.  While we were doing the outreach, Temo pulled up with the pews we bought from a church in Sierra Vista.  We put them in place and we will re-upholster them to match the chairs.  This puts our seating to around 120 now.  Soon we will be looking for a new building 🙂

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In His Name Outreach, Monday 8-6-12

We did outreach this ministry from 8:30 to 10 outside of the post office in Safford.  We talked to close to 100 people, as well as gave water or coffee out to about 70 people.

Thanks to those who came and shared the love of Jesus!

  • Zachary
  • Jerry
  • Emma
  • Zac

And special thanks to Norma for bringing by baked goods to deliver to those who visited the church for the first time!


Some pictures from today.

In His Name Outreach – Monday, 7/30

This morning we set up and gave out starbucks coffee and cold water on the street… in His Name (Mark 9:41).  Mostly water, but I think when it gets cooler people will want coffee more.  We will also add cocoa to this mix 🙂

Someone came to church yesterday and told me how blessed they were that we gave them cold water on a hot day after they worked all day.  Showing people God’s love doesn’t require something elaborate, just a simple act of kindness.

A few pics from this morning…

Thanks to Cain, Judy, Zac and Emma for their service to the Lord today!

In His Name Outreach – Wednesday, 7/25

On Wednesday we gave out cold water in His Name across from the post office.  There were lots of opportunities to share Christ and invite people to church.  It was one of our busiest days so far.