The River Leaders

David Chapman – Lead Pastor

David is responsible for leading and teaching the body of believers at The River.  He has a passion for seeing others fulfill their God-given assignment.

Deb Chapman – Director of Ministries

Deb is responsible for almost everything that goes on behind the scenes at The River during the Sunday worship experience. She also uses the gift of exhortation to encourage the church with the Word of God.  Deb teaches a weekly Bible study for the ladies every Tuesday.

Rick Bedolla – Elder
Bill Brandau – Elder

Rick and Bill serve the body at The River as elders.  This involves personal ministry, teaching, visitation and counsel to the pastor.

Lolene Brandau – Worship Leader

Lolene is an experienced Worship Leader who understands how to flow in the Spirit and lead God’s people into worship.

Robin Link – Youth Leader

Robin has worked with young people for most of her adult life. She is excited to be leading the youth ministry at The River.  She brings enthusiasm and anointing into her new role.

Cristina Mitchell – Children’s Church Director

Cristina responded to the call of God to impart the Word of God and the love of God into the lives of children. She leads the Kid’s Church every Sunday at The River.


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