God’s Perfect Flower

Tomorrow I am marrying God’s perfect flower for me
Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you think you will never have a second chance
But through God’s grace, He gives us someone who loves us unconditionally
Debbie believed in me and loved me when I didn’t believe in myself
She says she’s not sure what a soul mate is but I know… it’s someone who you are able to show your true self to and not fear rejection but find love
My goal is to love her as Christ loves the church and to never be tired of being with her and serving the Lord together
I love Zac and Emma just like my own and I pledge to be a godly example to them
When God gives you someone and you are in love with that person there is great peace in committing to them for the rest of your life
I have this great peace
I love you Debbie


God knows how to meet needs

Yesterday I spoke with a man who needed assistance for his family, due to a run of unfortunate circumstances.  In addition to other help, his family needed food.  Our pantry was getting slim so I put out a request for more food and was on the way to the church last night to meet someone who was bringing several boxes of food.  As I was driving, I received a call from a man who also asked if we could help with with some food.  He was only about 5 minutes from the church.  God knew that someone had just pulled up to the church with several boxes of food and had this man call at the exact same time in order to meet his need.

God loves people and wants to help them and meet their needs.  This morning, we were able to help the original family that called and someone pulled up to the church at the same time he was there with bags and bags of more food!  I was able to pray with and minister to both of these individuals.  In both cases, they each said that other churches refused to help them unless they were a member of their church.  Jesus said that when we help the least, that we do it unto Him and that when we refuse to help them, it is Jesus that we are rejecting.


The River Nursery

Today we received and setup the portable partition walls for the nursery.  We were able to create a room that is 20 x 12.  The great thing is the flexibility to reconfigure the walls in less than 5 minutes.  We will be adding carpet later this week.  We do need nursery furniture, so if you have some (in good shape) that you’d like to donate, please let the pastor know.

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Nursery and Toddler Area

We will be purchasing some portable room partitions to use in the kid’s church area.  In order to reach families for Christ, we need to have a good nursery area and the partitions will allow us to section off an area for babies and toddlers.  The total cost for the partitions is $1,250.  If you can help with this need, we will have special offering envelopes to use for it in Sunday’s worship service.

Also, we need baby furniture to furnish the area.  If you have some you would like to donate please let the pastor know.