A Parable for the Church


Jesus often spoke in parables. In fact, no less than 35% of His teaching was in the form of a parable. It stands to reason, therefore, that the Holy Spirit would speak to us and teach us in the same way.

This morning in prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me an analogy about His church. Most sports fans know that the baseball season started on Sunday. He spoke a parable to me about how the church, and even the individual believer, is like a baseball season (or any other sport). This is how it works…

The disciples before Pentecost, as shown in the gospels, were like the training camp and preseason part of the season. There was much learning and growing on their part and Jesus was the master teacher.

The book of Acts was like the opening day. It started on the day of Pentecost when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. The church was born with much fanfare like an opening day. There were great signs and wonders.

The past 2,000 years have been like the regular season. Much like in a long baseball season, there are slumps and winning streaks. The church has had it’s ups and downs over the past centuries. As in a regular season, there are contenders and there are pretenders, but God has always had a remnant and He alone will separate the wheat from the chaff.

That brings us to now. Now is like the playoffs. When the regular season ends and the playoffs start, everything changes. Everything. Everyone must step up their game. There’s no place for a slump anymore. These are the last days. God is looking for those who are ready. In baseball, some of the regular season players don’t even make the playoff roster. There is a purging in the church of those who are playing games. The expectations have changed and the intensity has increased. The season is coming to an end and all the world’s eyes are upon the church. He’s coming back for a glorious church – world champions!

I ask you: are you ready? Do you want revival? Are you ready for greater expectations being placed upon you? There’s no turning back. The regular season is over. And as exciting as opening day was, it pales in comparison to the glory of the playoffs.

I’m ready!


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