How Big Is Your Faith?

Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

The Word of God tells us that if we believe that all things are possible.  God’s people get easily conditioned to unbelief and low expectations.  God sent me to Safford, Arizona to build a church for His glory.  I’m not concerned about who has tried and failed in the past.  I appreciate the well meaning folks who feel led to give me advice on not expecting too much.  Thank you for letting me know that you have no faith.  That information will come in handy if I need a miracle from God.  No sense wasting my time with those who can’t believe God for the impossible.  Others tell me that we have a church on almost every corner.  They usually say it in an apologetic tone.  Would you rather have a tavern on every corner?  Praise God for what He is doing in those churches.  Let’s pray for them that the Spirit of God will be poured out!  And, of course, I often get pulled aside and told that so-and-so (who is coming to The River) is a “church hopper” and they will be gone soon so don’t rely on them.  Instead, I choose to believe the best about people and if they drop out it won’t be because they didn’t have the opportunity to grow.  Some of those people will live up (or down) to their reputation, but others will get a hold of the Word and change.  But change is not possible if we hang our head in unbelief and keep our expectations low.  When we do that, we become a self-fulfilling prophesy of defeat.

Now let’s turn the subject to me.  Some may say that I’m just green and have zeal without experience… soon reality will set in for me.  Actually, I have about 17 years experience as a pastor and my faith and expectations are higher than they have ever been in my entire ministry.  Others may conclude that I simply have not been in the Safford area long enough… soon I’ll see how it really is.  You think?  Well, maybe you have been here too long!  You have allowed the unbelief of those around you to bring you down and you now expect next to nothing from God.  The things that I see here in Safford, I have seen everywhere I have pastored.  Some things are a little better and some are a little worse.  God’s Word tells us to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

The River is going to be a multi-cultural and multi-generational church that is on fire for God.  We are going to experience an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will cause people to drive from all over the region and beyond to be part of our meetings.  The River is going to take back some of the ground that has been stolen by the enemy with the demonic stronghold of Mormonism.  The River is going to be a full-time Training Center for those who are called into ministry, whether full-time or the ministry of helps.  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers will operate in their gifting at The River.  We will plant other churches in our region and beyond.  The River is going to grow by reaching the non-believers and the unchurched.  There are almost 50,000 people living in the metropolitan area of Safford and we will have at least 1% of those people at The River.  Our influence will not just be local, but world-wide through world missions, books, internet, television, etc.  Already, people from over 60 nations have read material from this website.

Am I foolish enough to believe what I just typed?  Absolutely!  In fact, God is going to exceed my expectations according to Ephesians 3:20:

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us

The question is, are you going to continue to be conditioned with negativity and unbelief or are you going to get on board with God and believe that nothing is impossible?


3 responses

  1. Nothing is impossible for God. I love the vision God gave you for the River. I would love to visit the River at some point in the future. I believe God will use it mightily.

  2. Bring it is what I say! Pastor, nothing will hold you back. If the people of your church would just get a hold of the vision with fire, there will be nothing to stop them. You’re going to reap a very large harvest and you have prayer warriors in Houston Texas who will stand and agree with you for your God given vision. Let me say this to your church… If the church wants the greater things of God, they will need to become pregnant with the Word of God. Pregnancy leads to expectation. Expectation brings manifestation. Without manifestation the church is just fooling around. Pastor, May God richly bless you and your ministry. May the nations come to hear what God is speaking through you! Good word today!

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