Symbols of the Word: Hammer

God’s Word is a Hammer

Jeremiah 23:29 goes on to say, “…and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”  

If you strike a rock 100 times with no break, and you strike it again and it breaks, was it the one hit or the 101?  God’s Word is like that, always working in our hearts until the breakthrough comes.

Some areas require only a little time of the Word hammering away, but other areas, perhaps a few years. God told the Israelites that when they enter the promised land that He would drive out the inhabitants of the land as they advance (Exodus 23:28).  If we expect God to drive out the enemy from our lives, then the onus is on us to advance… to progress… to grow… to develop.  This can only be down through time in His Word.  It is important to note how God said that He would drive them out:

Exodus 23:30: I will drive them out little by little, until there are enough of you to take possession of the land

Little by little… that is the nature of God’s work in our lives.  Sure, He does some things instantly, but in most cases, when it comes to character development and healing of the soul, God works in us progressively as we advance in His Word.  I grew up without much affirmation or expression of love.  It affected me greatly as I grew up and developed my personality.  When I was saved at the age of 20, God had to begin renewing my mind and healing my soul.  But it didn’t happen overnight and I can still slip into heeding negative self-talk if I don’t keep guard over my heart and mind with the Word.

What area of your life is the Word working to change?  Are you allowing it to hammer away and break off the hardened cover we used to self-preserve?  The hammer of the Word will challenge the self-preservation mode that we put on.  Breakthrough is coming; don’t stop submitting to the Word of God.  The truth will make us free… but first, it often makes us miserable.  In the end, you will experience great joy through the freedom it brings.


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  1. Sorry, this blog is a bit confusing to me. Reading Jeremiah 23, the hammer and fire refers to untruth being told and the hammer and fire being the Word reveals those who are false. I don’t know how the hammer relates to everything else you said. Sorry, usually I don’t have a problem following your blogs. Word, hammer, possessing the land, I don’t see the connection of everything in this blog.

    • Hi Gail. The primary text for the Word as fire was Jer. 20:9 when Jeremiah said that God’s Word was like a burning fire in his heart. As for Hammer, the entire passage in Jer. 23 was speaking out against false pastors and false prophets, but in verse 28 He says, “He that has My Word, let him speak My Word faithfully.” He is referring to the godly shepherds. Then He says that His Word is like a fire and like a hammer in the next verse. By expounding on the symbol of the hammer, I am not attempting to explain Jeremiah 23, but I’m using the metaphor of breaking up the rock to show that often things take time. Sorry if it was confusing for you 🙂

  2. Sorry, its still confusing but thanks for trying to help me follow the thought process. Maybe too much for my brain today. Thanks though.

    • Gail, the point that I am attempting to make is related to the nature of a hammer’s work, especially in the context of breaking a rock in pieces. It is a progressive work, one that may seem that no progress is being made, but keep swinging because it is making a difference. I was not attempting an expositional teaching of Jeremiah 23.

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