Morning Prayer at The River, 6/26

Father God we love You
Thank You Jesus for being our Mediator
Thank You Holy Spirit for being our Paraclete
God we ask that You would rend the heavens and come down and shake this valley
Our hearts’ cry is for Jesus to be revealed to the people in this region
Use The River to demonstrate Your love and power to this wicked generation
Anoint us with fresh oil
Renew our minds with the Word of God
We forgive those who have wronged us just as You have forgiven us Lord
Let love and forgiveness flow in this body
Strengthen those who are being tested in their faith
Send Your healing power to Kayla this morning
Give a fresh touch to all of the pastors in the area
Stir every church to seek Your presence
Prepare the hearts of those we will minister to in our outreach ministry
Bring people to this website to be nourished with the Word of God
We present ourselves to You Lord God as a living sacrifice – use us for Your glory this day
In Jesus’ Name


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