The Won-Loss Record

With Football season coming up, fans everywhere are speculating on what their favorite team’s record is going to be this year.  God’s people in the Old Testament also had battles that can be looked at from a won-loss record standpoint.  Much can be learned by examining what went into the victories and what happened behind the scenes in the defeats.  One thing is clear: when God’s people were living right and in line with His word, victory was assured, even in the direst of situations.

Let’s examine the won-loss records of different time periods in Israel’s past:

  • When Israel was in the wilderness: 5-1.  The one loss, to Amelek (Numbers 14), was caused by unbelief.
  • Joshua’s conquest: 13-1.  The one loss, to little Ai (Joshua 7), was caused by the disobedience of Achan.
  • King Saul: 6-1. To the Philistines (1 Samual 31).  Saul was already defeated by demons and military defeat soon followed.
  • King David: 8-0. PERFECT!  Kind of like the Miami Dolphins perfect record of 14-0 in 1972.  It hasn’t been matched and neither was David’s.  This man had a heart after God.  He wasn’t perfect as a man, but his heart sought to please God.
  • Judah (after Solomon and the split): 10-18
  • Israel, i.e., the northern kingdom (after Solomon and the split): 11-17
  • A combined record of 21-35 for God’s people after the split.  Not exactly making the playoffs!  This was caused by rebellion, idolatry, unbelief and discord.  Many of the kings did that which was outwardly right but did not tear down the high places of idolatry in the land.

Jeremiah 5:25 says that “your sins have withheld many good things from you.”  As long as your heart and life are in rebellion to God, you will live in defeat.  It’s time to turn your season around and get on a winning streak with God!  Start by reading and re-reading the playbook – the Bible, and putting the “plays” into practice by being a doer of the Word of God.  Soon you will learn that the battle is not yours, but the battle belongs to the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:15).


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