Church Building News

Praise the Lord!  There is good news to share about our search for a building.  The River has entered an agreement to occupy a 3500 square foot building on 5th Avenue in Safford.  The building was previously used for a dance studio, so the layout is perfect for a church.  There is ample room for a sanctuary to seat 200-300 people and separate space for children and youth ministries.  

The River will begin having services in the new building starting the first Sunday in June.  There is much to be excited about.  Let’s continue to grow and build momentum in the month of May.  God is pouring out His Spirit!  Come join us as we move forward.

A picture of the room that will be turned into a sanctuary:



2 responses

  1. Beautiful start to something that will be larger and greater. May your ministry prosper in all you do. May the vision be written so that the people can run with it. I will be praying that your ministry will grow exceeding and abundantly above all that you think and ask. Pastor, may the words you speak cause grow in your people, community, city, state and nation. May they all embrace the vision and help you to see it through. God bless you and the river church. May you be like a free flowing river!

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