Freedom From Curses, part 5

Jesus was made a curse for us that we might be redeemed!

New Testament

Going on to the New Testament uses of the word “curse.” In James 3:8-10 the word “kataraomai” is used. This word means “to give over to ruin, to pray against.”

James 3:8-10
But no man can tame the tongue, it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not be so.

We cannot exalt God in our lives while slandering and praying against our brother or sister in Christ.  God watches over His Word to perform it; Satan watches over our words to use them against us.  Sweet water and bitter water should not be flowing out of the same fountain. As Christians, we must walk in love with those who have wronged us.  Some will curse others with their words for no other reason than having slightly different doctrine.

Another instance where “curse” is found is in Mark 14:71 in connection with Simon Peter: “But he began to curse and swear, I do not know this man of whom you speak.  The word for curse here is “anathematize,” meaning “to declare anathema, to devote to destruction.” Peter wasn’t using profanity as some think.  Peter here is putting himself under a curse of destruction if he is not telling the truth about not knowing Jesus. No wonder Peter wept bitterly afterwards (v 72). The Lord lifted that curse off of Peter. How many times have we sworn to tell the truth but have not?  How many times have we made vows and not kept them? Thank God for His mercy.

Paul uses anathematize in Galations 1:8-9 for anyone who preaches another gospel than the true one. All that preach a false gospel are under a curse of destruction. Those who choose to remain under their ministry are in jeopardy as well.

The last word for “curse” is “epikataratos,” it is used in Galations  3:13   concerning Christ. It literally means “to be cursed upon, to join together.” Jesus took upon himself the curse of the law. He paid the price for the curse to be lifted off of every man, woman, boy and girl! Look once again at some of the things that the curse of the law entailed (Deut. 28):

  • Brass Heavens (v 23)
  • Smitten by enemies (v 25)
  • Madness, Blindness, Confusion of Heart (v 28)
  • Poverty and Oppression (v 29)
  • Another shall take your wife, house, etc. (v 30)
  • Disease from the soles of your feet to the top of your head (v 35)
  • Sons and daughters will go into captivity (bondage) (v 41)
  • Will be in debt and be the tail not the head (v 44)
  • Will serve your enemies (v 48)
  • Diseases of Egypt (the world) will cleave unto you (v 60)
  • Every disease known to mankind will come upon you (v 61)
  • Will be few in number (v 62)
  • Will have no rest, but a trembling heart and anguish of soul (v 65)
  • Your life will continuously hang in doubt (v 66)

Jesus has – PAST TENSE – delivered us from these and all the other curses of the law! But as I stated earlier, you have to appropriate that deliverance into your personal experience. Next, we will look at what are some of the more common curses that Christians have to deal with, including generational curses.  Sadly, many do not know of their deliverance in Jesus and continue to suffer a defeated Christian walk (Hosea 4:6).

How do you know if a curse is at work in your life? One word sums it up – FRUSTRATION! Frustrated and hindered continually at the point of breakthrough.


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