My Prayer for The River

Father, I come before You and pray for The River.  May You raise up a church in Gila Valley that flows with Your compassion for the lost.  I ask that You would remove the spiritual blinders from off the hearts of the unbelievers in the area, especially those who are bound up with false religion, such a stronghold in this region.  I ask You for an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit as You promised in Joel chapter two… not that we may be lifted up, but that Jesus may be exalted.  I pray that the Word of God would go forth under the anointing of Your Holy Spirit and loose the bands of wickedness and set the captives free.  Father, place in us a giving heart; use our talents, time, resources, and finances for Your glory.  I dedicate this church and it’s beginning to the purposes of God and ask You for favor and blessing; meet our every need as we trust in You.  Bring in those who are supposed to be there.  Help us to reach the unchurched with the truth of Your gospel.  I ask for the presence of God to meet with us in the morning, as we gather together, small in number, but mighty in Spirit.  I love You Lord.  I ask for these things in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.


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