March 25: What Does It Mean To Praise God?

Today is Sunday and most believers attend a local church for the purpose of corporate worship.  As God’s children, I think we often underestimate the importance of praising Him.  I love the book of Psalms because although emotional struggle and despair runs the deepest, in the very same psalms, praise begins to ascend to God in magnificent splendor.  There are seven Hebrew words translated as “praise” in the book of Psalms.  I list them below, along with a single reference and the definition.

  1. Halal (Psalm 103:18): to shine, boast, overwhelming excitement
  2. Yadah (Psalm 138:1): the extended hand
  3. Barak (Psalm 95:6): to kneel, to bow
  4. Zamar (Psalm 42:1): to touch the strings
  5. Shabach (Psalm 63:3-4): to shout with triumph
  6. Towdah (Psalm 56:12): to confess; sacrifice of thanksgiving
  7. Tehillah (Psalm 22:3): to sing the new song from the heart

As you head off to the house of God today, stop and think about these meanings.  Are these manifestations of praise found within your church?  One might say that there are many ways to praise the Lord.  I agree.  I found seven, listed above.  None of them mean “sit of you duff and do nothing” or “look around and watch others.”  Let’s each focus on praising Him today!


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